The Active Nonviolence Education Center (ANEC) is continuing to compile educational materials to use in schools, training modules for group trainings and teacher training curriculums for individuals and groups that wish to begin or continue active nonviolence work in their own community. We hope to establish a Universal Nonviolence Training curriculum for use in cross-cultural and cross-community exchanges. The following are some of the target groups for whom we currently provide active nonviolence workshops/open forum discussions in Dharamsala, and many other parts of India where there are Tibetan exile communities:

  1. Lower, Secondary, and higher level education institutions.
  2. Tibetan monks and nuns.
  3. Adult members of the Tibetan community.
  4. Nongovernmental Organizations

Our workshops strive to integrate traditional Buddhist teachings that are familiar to the community with pragmatic western application of nonviolent action strategies.