To educate the public on the principles of nonviolent strategies, ANEC is implementing the following community outreach programs:

  1. Establishing Resource Centers with books, audio and visual materials on the subject of active nonviolence.
  2. Introducing people to specific examples of worldwide uses of practical, strategic nonviolence, both historic and current.
  3. Holding debates and training workshops comparing common strategies that bring about change with active nonviolence strategies.
  4. Hosting talks that promote and generate awareness about the values and impact of active nonviolence.
  5. Networking with other organizations and encouraging solidarity among groups that work for the Tibetan national cause.
  6. Initiating programs with community groups where impact can be made.
  7. Creating a sustainable approach to program development by encouraging active nonviolence to be carried out directly by local communities.
  8. Screening successful nonviolence movement films such as “Gandhi”, “American Civil Rights Movement”, “Bringing down a Dictator”, “The Orange Revolution” and a host of other films followed by vibrant brainstorming with the participants.
  9. Encouraging role plays and presentations by the workshop participants focused on various subject matters relating to nonviolence action strategy.