24th December, 2019

Active Nonviolence Education Center had two one and half hour session with students from Leadership Workshops organised by Department of Education, CTA.

Executive Director introduced the center and helped facilitate the session. Trainer Tenzin Lhanzey had presentation on “Why Tibetans should follow Nonviolence”. She talked about the importance of resorting to nonviolent means and uselessness of violent approach. In afternoon session trainer Ngawang Lungtok had a presentation on “Violence, Nonviolence, Power, Obedience and Nonviolent Direct Action”. Students formed into groups and had opportunity to speak about their understanding. Then trainer Ngawang Lungtok clarified misunderstandings in concepts and stressed that the power lies in the hands of masses and not with the dictator. Students had very creative questions and thoroughly enjoyed the session which’s ground rules they set.