ANEC welcomes volunteers to help us in our mission of promoting our message of love, compassion, peace and nonviolence. We have a wide range of activities and our volunteers can contribute according to each person’s own knowledge, skill and interest.

What we offer our volunteers:

  • Complementary lunch and tea
  • Recommendation letter or job experience certificate from the ANEC Executive Director at the end of the volunteering period, for those who work with genuine sincerity, perseverance and dedication.
  • The opportunity to gain priceless experience and make a contribution to the noble work of ANEC dedication.

What we expect from volunteers:

  • We welcome volunteers who can commit to at least two or three times a week, Mondays to Fridays.
  • We expect our volunteers to be punctual, reliable and professional, and not to use our resources for their personal activities.

Volunteering Opportunities

  • Peace Activities
  • Public Outreaching
  • Computer Professionals (Web Designing)
  • Office Chore Assistance
  • Fund Raising
  • Volunteer Coordinating
  • Research and Documentation
  • Project Officer
  • Others