1. To educate the Tibetan community on the importance of active participation in democracy through voting, and stressing the importance of democracy for nonviolent society.
  2. To help the general public understand the practical message of nonviolence as taught by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
  3. To demonstrate how the cultivation of moral values and strength of character taught in Buddhism are essential qualities for personal development and for successful nonviolent campaigns. These qualities include compassion, passions, human understanding, discipline and determination.
  4. To emphasize the importance of active nonviolent resistance as the best and most effective form of action for the Tibetan National cause. In addition to promote the use of nonviolence as resolution in every instance of human disagreement, on the individual, community, or national level.
  5. To serve as a platform for Tibetans to express their opinions, ideas and suggestions regarding the course of our national struggle.
  6. To encourage hope within the Tibetan community and encourage all Tibet supporters to strengthen their commitment to active nonviolent resistance.