Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche is an eminent and distinguished scholar, teacher philosopher and philanthropist. Rinpoche is an authority on the teachings of Krishnamurti and Gandhi. Therefore, is a life-long campaigner of Gandhian principles especially that of non-violence or peaceful resistance. His stand on nonviolence and other important humanitarian issues of our time make him an exemplary inspiration for us all.

A number of his talks have been collected together in a book called “Uncompromising truth for a compromised world”.

We(ANEC) had the fortune of requesting him three main proposals during our meeting.
1. Since we are going to restart our membership program, we requested Rinpoche to be our first honorary member to which he agreed.
2. We also requested Rinpoche for a lecture around the month of July to a selected audience regarding Nonviolent movement through a Buddhist perspective and to that he also agreed.
3. Rinpoche has also accepted to become Advisory Board member according to our requests.

Since Rinpoche is a close friend of our founder Mary and Everett Gendler, he inquired about them during our conversation.