All of us get disheartened and all of us, sometime in our life, might have questioned “why are things as they are”. All of us also might have lost hopes in our life and almost all of us might have resorted to ill means as a way to escape from the suffering or sadness. But not this man. Even after losing his country, seeing his country in bloodshed and his people being killed and tortured, he still glitters with hope and love and makes us believe there is goodness, kindness and love still left in the world. He teaches us violence is not the answer and that it is only through mutual understanding that all problems can be resolved. He shows us through gradual steps of love one can shake the world and he makes us believe that it’s not too late to save this world from (upcoming) misery. Both through his words and actions he makes us believe in him. Makes us want to protect him and makes us wish he never departs from us. Your Holiness, your vast understanding of the world, interdependence and your infinite compassion is what this world needs and we wish you always live here to guide us. Thank you your Holiness. Happy Birthday.