The following subject matters are covered in ANEC workshops and open forum discussions on active nonviolence strategies. They are effective and powerful alternatives to violence and hatred:

  1. History, philosophy and techniques of nonviolent resistance based on Professor Gene Sharp’s “Guidelines on Strategic Nonviolence Method” for peace, nonviolence and democracy.
  2. Traditional Buddhist concept of nonviolence based on love, compassion, transformation of mind and altruism (to rightly interpret the message of Lord Buddha and His Holiness the Dalai Lama).
  3. Encouragement of harmonious integration between the traditional Buddhist concept of nonviolence and the modern western concept of active nonviolence.
  4. Strategic nonviolence methods for achieving healthy democratic norms.
  5. Gandhian philosophy of nonviolence with particular focus on the Gandhian Constructive Program, the peaceful non-cooperation movement, and his steadfast adherence to truth and nonviolence.
  6. Nonviolence philosophy as advocated and implemented by the 1964 Nobel Peace Laureate and US civil rights leader the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  7. Films on various case studies of nonviolent actions and active exchange of views and thoughts between facilitators and participants in a truly democratic fashion.
  8. Emphasis on the importance of restoring to the above different philosophies and the practical implementation of nonviolent strategies for resolving disagreements. These strategies can resolve differences and problems at all levels of human society and can bring about the requisite changes and innovations for the establishment of strong, healthy, peaceful and democratic societies.