Community Outreach Program: Nonviolence Educational Training for Tibetan Children

Location: Calgary, Canada
Date: May 25, 2024
Time: 1 PM – 3 PM
Program Coordinator: Dolma Lhamo
Participants: 31 students (Ages 7.5 to 16)


Program Overview:

On May 25th, 2024, the Active Nonviolence Education Center (ANEC) conducted a transformative nonviolence educational training program for Tibetan children in Calgary, Canada. This two-hour event, held from 1 PM to 3 PM, was attended by 31 students ranging from ages 7.5 to 16. The program aimed to instill the principles of nonviolent resistance through engaging activities and inspirational storytelling.

Opening Session

The session began with an introduction to ANEC, featuring a introductory video available in both Tibetan and English. The video highlighted ANEC’s mission and vision, providing the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s goals. Following the video, a detailed PowerPoint presentation showcased various ANEC programs and initiatives, including upcoming summer internship opportunities. The presentation also included the launch of the book “Phuntsok Nyidron,” introduced by Khenrab la, Vice President of the Tibetan Association of Alberta.

Photo during the book launch of ‘Phuntsok Nyidron

Ice-Breaking Activity

To foster a sense of community and ease among the participants, ANEC facilitated an ice-breaking activity called “Pass the Ball.” During this activity, the children formed a circle, passed a ball around, and introduced themselves along with a hobby. This interactive exercise successfully engaged the children and set a friendly tone for the rest of the program.

Photo during an introductory activity where children share their name and hobby by passing the ball

Thematic Exploration of Nonviolence

The core of the training focused on the theme of nonviolence, explored through two primary activities: story reading and singing. The children gathered in a large circle to listen to the poignant story of Ani Phuntsok Nyidron, a Tibetan nun renowned for her nonviolent resistance at Drapchi prison. This storytelling session was particularly impactful, captivating both the children and their parents. The session was further enriched by the singing of songs associated with the Drapchi nuns, allowing the participants to connect emotionally with the narrative.

Photo during a story reading session

Empathy and Nonviolence through Interactive Activities

Following the storytelling session, ANEC conducted a “Balloon Bursting” activity designed to teach empathy and nonviolence through playful interaction. Each child received a balloon, with the objective of keeping their own balloon intact for as long as possible. The children demonstrated a profound understanding of empathy, as many chose to protect their own balloons rather than bursting others’. This activity emerged as a favorite, and the reflective discussion afterward highlighted the children’s grasp of nonviolence principles.

Interactive Game: “Walk, Run, Sit, Stand, Clap or Don’t”

To maintain high energy levels, ANEC introduced an interactive game called “Walk, Run, Sit, Stand, Clap or Don’t.” This game required quick thinking and responsiveness to verbal cues, promoting attentiveness and precise execution of instructions. It provided a fun and engaging break, ensuring continuous participation and enjoyment.

Conclusion and Acknowledgments

The program concluded with a heartfelt thank you to Khenrab la and the Principal for their invaluable support in facilitating the nonviolence educational training. ANEC presented them with a traditional Khata, an informational brochure, and a copy of the organization’s book. Additionally, copies of “Phuntsok Nyidron” were donated to the library, ensuring the program’s lessons would continue to inspire and educate others.

Impact and Reflections

Overall, the nonviolence educational training program was a resounding success. The children left with a deeper understanding of nonviolent resistance and a strengthened commitment to the cause of Tibet. Many participants expressed how the story of Phuntsok Nyidron deeply moved them and inspired a dedication to peaceful activism. The program not only educated but also empowered the children to embrace nonviolence in their future endeavors.

Group photo with the children after successful completion of the program



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