Theatre of the oppressed training for Tibetan Youths in India: 

On June 16, 2023, a Theatre of the Oppressed training program was held in collaboration between the Active Nonviolence Education Center and the Central Tibetan Youth Congress. This event was part of the 20th Youth Leadership Program and took place at the House of Peace and Dialogue in Upper TCV. The session attracted 22 participants and was facilitated by Mr. Curran Russell, a seasoned theatre educator from Mahindra United World College in Pune.

Theatre of the Oppressed is a powerful, nonviolent educational method designed to identify and deconstruct power imbalances within societal hierarchies through the lens of social justice. During the session, Mr. Russell introduced engaging activities such as ‘Birds, Cage, and Thunder’ and ‘Following the Hand.’ These exercises aimed to help participants explore and challenge existing power structures creatively and thoughtfully.






Photo: Tibetan Youth participation in the Theatre of Oppressed training led by Mr. Curran Russell


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