COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAM(COP): Nonviolence education training for Tibetan children’s in Canada

From February 15th to February 28th, 2024, Ms. Tenzin Choezin, the Executive Director of the Active Nonviolence Education Center (ANEC), embarked on a significant work trip to Canada, aimed at advancing nonviolence education among Tibetan children and engaging with ANEC supporters and stakeholders.

Travel and arrival:

  • 15 2024: Ms. Choezin departed from Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement to Bengaluru International Airport.
  • 16th 2024 3:00 am: She boarded a flight to Toronto, Canada.

Program Activities in Toronto:

  • 17th 2024: Ms. Choezin visited the Tibetan Canadian Cultural Center in Etobicoke to inspect the venue for the training program. She then met with Ms. Dolma Lhamo, a former ANEC staff member and co-facilitator of the Community Outreach Program, on Jameson Street to discuss the upcoming training sessions for Tibetan children in Toronto and Calgary.
  • 18th 2024: Ms. Choezin and Ms. Dolma arrived at the training venue at 12 pm to prepare for the session. From 2 pm to 4 pm, they conducted a nonviolence educational training session for 35 Tibetan children aged 7 to 14, featuring introductory activities, storytelling, songs, and fun exercises on nonviolence. ANEC also announced the free distribution of their latest publication, an illustrated children’s storybook titled “Phuntsok Nyidron.”


Photo: ANEC ‘s Executive Director Ms. Tenzin choezin and North-America coordinator Ms. Dolma Lhamo led the nonviolent education training to Tibetan children based in Toronto, Canada



Engagement and Meetings:

  • 20th 2024: Ms. Choezin and Ms. Dolma met with Ms. Bhutila Karpoche, the Tibetan Canadian Member of Provincial Parliament, to introduce ANEC and discuss potential expansions of their educational programs in Tibetan communities across Canada. ANEC sincerely thank the support of Bhuchung Kata and Ms. Dechen for facilitating this meeting.


Photo: ANEC’s Executive Director and North-America Coordinator meeting with Ms. Bhutila Karpoche, Deputy speaker of the member of provincial parliament,Ontario Canada



  • 22nd 2024: A planned meeting with Karen H. Sallick, a long-term ANEC supporter, was canceled due to her personal reason. Additionally, the training program scheduled in Calgary was postponed indefinitely due to the cancellation of their flight caused by the bankruptcy of the airline operator. Efforts to secure a refund are ongoing.

Concluding Activities:

  • Feb. 27th 2024: Ms. Choezin appointed Ms. Dolma Lhamo (Ex-Project officer of ANEC) as ANEC’s Coordinator for North America, presenting her with a traditional Tibetan scarf as a gesture of thanks and welcome.
  • 28th 2024: Ms. Choezin concluded her trip and boarded a flight from Toronto to New Delhi, wrapping up the training program, meetings, and the distribution of children’s storybooks.

The trip aimed to implement the Community Outreach Program, distribute educational materials, and establish stronger ties with the Tibetan diaspora and supporters, reflecting ANEC’s commitment to promoting nonviolence education globally.






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