The Active Nonviolence Education Centre (ANEC), in collaboration with Stories of Tibetans (SOT), successfully organized a compelling series of 12 film screenings and discussions at Hope Cafe and Gallery from April 2023 to March 2024. Held on the second Tuesday of each month, these events drew an international audience, including participants from India, Ukraine, Russia, America, and Europe.

This initiative aimed to illuminate various nonviolent movements from both the global south and global north, with a special emphasis on the Tibetan people’s peaceful resistance against over 65 years of colonial oppression by the Chinese Communist Party since Tibet’s military annexation. Each session featured the screening of impactful films and documentaries, followed by engaging discussions that provided a platform for diverse viewpoints on the power and significance of nonviolence.

The screenings and discussions created a vibrant forum for democratic and meaningful conversations, enhancing public awareness about the Tibetan struggle and showcasing the transformational potential of nonviolent strategies in driving social change. ANEC and SOT are committed to continuing this program, inspiring deeper understanding and appreciation of nonviolent approaches among global audiences.

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