Seeds of Awareness Program

Date of Activity: 21st April, 2024
Program Coordinator: Tenzin Namdol (Intern)
Specific Activity: Storytelling of “The Giving Tree” and Art Creation on the Theme of Nature
Key Result Area/Strategic Objective: To raise awareness among children about creativity and the importance of our natural world.
Venue & Location: Manjushri Educational Services, Dharamsala
Total Participants/Beneficiaries: Over 22 students

Resource Persons:

  • Dolma Yangkyi, Senior Project Officer
  • Karma Chodak, Project Officer
  • Tenzin Namdol, Intern
Program Update
  1. Introduction to Seeds of Awareness Program:

The Seeds of Awareness program is a collaborative initiative between the Active Nonviolence Education Centre and Manjushri Educational Services. Our goal is to spread awareness of active nonviolence and gender sensitization among Tibetan children. We strive to make the activities memorable and enjoyable while focusing on our primary objectives: fostering susceptibility to gender mainstreaming and promoting conflict resolution through peaceful dialogue.

  1. Methodology:

We employed cooperative and interactive learning methods to ensure that the children’s learning and imagination came to life. The program was divided into two main activities:

  • Storytelling Session:

The session began with the storytelling of the book “The Giving Tree,” an imaginative narrative depicting the friendship between a tree and a boy. The tree selflessly gives everything it has to the boy, from his childhood to old age. The storytelling was interactive, with curious questions from the children, culminating in a discussion on the story’s theme—the importance of our natural world and its contributions to our lives.

  • Art Creation Session:

Following the storytelling, we conducted an art creation session on the theme of nature. The children were divided into groups of three and provided with various natural elements to create their art pieces. This hands-on activity allowed the children to express their creativity and reinforced the themes discussed during the storytelling session.

  1. Lessons Learned and Challenges:
  • Lessons Learned: Engaging with children requires adopting a playful and approachable demeanor to connect with them effectively.
  • Challenges Faced: Time management was a significant issue during the implementation of the activities.
  1. Suggestions for Future Improvement:
  • Time Management: Improve time management strategies to ensure smooth transitions between activities and adequate time for each session.
  1. Potential Success Story:

A notable success was the active participation of children in both the storytelling and art creation sessions. Their enthusiasm and sincere efforts in the activities were highly encouraging and demonstrated the effectiveness of the program.


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