Nonviolence education training for Tibetan children’s in Europe;

The Active Nonviolence Education Center (ANEC) embarked on its first international educational tour in October 2023, visiting five European countries: Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, and Belgium. This tour was a key component of ANEC’s Community Outreach Program.

From October 20th to November 11th, 2023, ANEC’s Executive Director, Ms. Tenzin Choezin, alongside Senior Project Officer, Mr. Penpa, led the ‘Nonviolence Education for Tibetan Children’ initiative. This program reached over 300 Tibetan children, their parents, and language teachers, offering a comprehensive nonviolence training experience.

The program featured the launch of ‘Phuntsog Nyidron,’ an illustrated children’s storybook in Tibetan. Activities included story readings, learning songs, and other engaging exercises designed to teach the principles of nonviolence. This educational tour not only provided valuable lessons in nonviolence but also strengthened the Tibetan community’s commitment to peace and harmony.

  • Frankfurt, Germany: Unveiling “Phuntsog Nyidron” and Initiating Nonviolence Training

ANEC team was warmly received by Mr. Tenzin Thoeam of Tibet House, Frankfurt, Germany on the 20th of October 2023. The first country of the Community Outreach Program on Nonviolence education kickstarted in Frankfurt, Germany in collaboration with Tibet House, Frankfurt.

On the 22nd of October 2023, 28 participants enthusiastically took part in the session collaboratively organized by ANEC and the Tibet House, Frankfurt. The program culminated with the distribution of free copies of “Phuntsog Nyidron” to the attendees, laying the foundation for the dissemination of nonviolence education.

  • Stockholm, Sweden: Official Meetings and Engaging Educational Initiatives

ANEC team then left for Stockholm, Sweden, on the 23rd October 2023 and was received by Mr. Allan at the airport. A close group meeting with the board members of The Swedish Tibetan Society for School and Culture transpired on the 24th of October 2023 chaired by Mr. Allan, General Secretary of the society. The meeting solidified the collaborative efforts of both the organizations in promoting nonviolence and education.

Later that evening, a book launch event unfolded at a conference hall, featuring “Phuntsog Nyidron.” The participatory nonviolence educational training opened up to the Tibetan community in Stockholm, leaving an indelible impact. The distribution of free books further underscored ANEC’s commitment to making knowledge accessible.

Above photo: Productive meeting & training sessions for the community member of the Swedish Tibetan Society for school and culture in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Zurich, Switzerland: Meetings, Trainings, and Inspiring Encounters

On the 28th of October 2023, ANEC launched “Phuntsog Nyidron” for Tibetan children based in Zurich, conducted a participatory nonviolence educational training for Tibetan children, parents, and language teachers. The special guest appearance of Ms. Phuntsog Nyidron, the protagonist of the illustrated storybook, added a personal touch, as she shared her own experiences with the participants.





Above Photo: During and post-program group picture of the facilitators with the Tibetan children, parents and language teacher based in Zurich, switzerland

  • Bern, Landquart, and Liechtenstein: Expanding Reach and Impact

The ANEC team extended its journey to Bern, Switzerland, conducting a similar nonviolence educational training program for the Tibetan community. On the 29th of October 2023, a participatory session engaged Tibetan children, parents, and language teachers in Landquart and Liechtenstein, further amplifying ANEC’s impact in the region.






Above Photo: ANEC led the nonviolence training for Tibetan children based in Bern, Landquart and Liechtenstein, switzerland 

  • Collaborations and Engagements in Brussels, Belgium

Upon arriving in Brussels, Belgium, ANEC held a courtesy meeting with Ms. Rigzin Choedon la, the Representative of the Office of Tibet. This meeting facilitated the distribution of ANEC’s publications to weekend classes in Brussels and Antwerp on the 31st of October 2023.

Additionally, a meeting with Ms. Namdrol Lhamo la, one of the singing nuns of Drapchi prison, provided an opportunity to discuss the purpose of the visit and delve into the contents of “Phuntsog Nyidron.”





Photo: ANEC’s Executive Director Ms. Tenzin Choezin Meeting with Ms. Rinzin Choedon, representative of the House of Tibet (on Left) & Ms. Namdrol Lhamo, one of the Singing Nuns from Drapchi Prison.


  • Paris, France: Culmination of the European Expedition

The final leg of the journey brought the ANEC team to Paris, France. On the 5th of November 2023, ANEC launched “Phuntsog Nyidron” in Paris Tibetan Community Hall. The event included a participatory nonviolence educational training for Tibetan children, parents, and language teachers. ANEC distributed 20 copies of “Phuntsog Nyidron” and 10 copies of “Rubel Riril,” further expanding its reach and impact.

In essence, ANEC’s European odyssey in 2023 was more than a journey; it was a symphony of collaboration, education, and empowerment. Through strategic meetings, impactful training programs, and the distribution of educational resources, ANEC not only fostered a deeper understanding of nonviolence but also left an enduring legacy of inspiration across the diverse communities of Europe.





Photo: ANEC team led the nonviolent educational training for Tibetan children based in Paris, France through reading stories and other activities.







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